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Do you need help with dividing property and estate planning after the death of a loved one? Far too often, a death in the family is followed by a fight over money, property, and real estate.

When there is a dispute over the property of the deceased, Byrne Mallory can help protect your rights and explain the complicated legal system. Unlike many attorneys in this area, our St. Petersburg, FL team has courtroom experience and are not afraid to litigate the matter if that is the best solution for your case.

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What is Probate Law?

Probate law is when the court recognizes a valid will. A will is a document that expresses a person’s wishes for handling their property after they die. An “intestate” estate, is when someone dies without a will.

Chapter 731 of the Florida Statutes is the Florida Probate Code. This Chapter gives the rules for probate cases. An intestate estate is controlled by Chapter 732 of the Florida Statutes. The shares of the spouse and other heirs are controlled by these rules.

Our Personal Approach

Do not let time pass by because there are strict deadlines in probate and will cases. You may lose the chance to protect your rights. Call us to talk about your case: (727) 820-1688.

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